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Whitney E. Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts

Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) 

The Whitney E. Houston Academy Intervention and Referral Services Team serves to support the needs of students who are experiencing some level of difficulty within the regular education program. In collaboration with the teacher and parent, the team recommends intervention strategies designed to support the needs of the student.

When might a teacher request an I&RS assistance?

A teacher routinely differentiates instruction to address a child’s needs in the classroom. The teacher requests services of the I&RS Committee when a particular child continues to have difficulties despite these efforts.

What kind of needs are supported by the I&RS?

When a child experiences difficulties that affect his/her academic, behavioral or health needs, the teacher may request support from I&RS.

How does I&RS help a teacher and student?

I&RS supports the student by assisting the teacher with developing an intervention plan that provides alternative strategies, programs, and wrap around services. The interventions are designed to support the student in achieving both academic and personal success within the regular education program.

How are parents informed?

The teacher discusses his/her concerns with the child’s parents prior to requesting an I&RS assistance. Following the initial meeting, if concerns are still present, the teacher will notify the parent that they are going to move forward with requesting I&RS. Parents will complete a questionnaire and receive a copy of the action plan developed during the I&RS meeting. 

How is follow-up provided?

The action plan is monitored by the classroom teacher and the I&RS Committee. A follow up meeting is typically held at 4-8weeks after the initial meeting. If the child’s needs are not being met by the initial plan, additional interventions are suggested and modifications are made to the plan.

Is this the same as a referral for Special Education?

No. A parent can request a Child Study Team evaluation at any time. 

Who serves on the Whitney E. Houston Academy’s  I&RS Committee?
Mrs. Sharon Osoiro, Asst. Principal

Dr. Fatima McCoy-Leonard, School Counselor

Ms. Tanisha Lassiter, School Counselor

Ms. Sheronda Braker, CST Social Worker

Ms. Brandi Strickland, Literacy Coach
Mrs. Siobhan Webster, Math Coach

Mrs. Andria Bernard, School Nurse
Mr. Markus Grisham, Attendance Officer

Classroom Teacher

Parent of Referred Student 

How can I get additional information about Intervention and Referral Services?

Please contact either your child’s teacher or Dr. McCoy-Leonard, School Counselor, 973-266-5880, ext. 57318

[email protected]