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Welcome To Drama

Some the things that will be studied this year:
  • Understanding the use of the Actor’s Voice
  • Understanding the use of the Actor’s body
  • Character Building
  • Stage Terminology
  • Play Terminology
  • Script Analysis
We have a busy year ahead of us! I wanted to give you an overview of programs we will be working toward, expectations, materials required, grades and class content.
October – Book Campaign – The Drama Core group will be performing a skit as well as creating commercials based on the books from the Principal’s Book of the Month Campaign.
December – Winter Concert                          February – Black History Month Program
Spring Summit – Cicely Tyson                       May – Spring Production – TBA
June – Annual Drama Competition
10th Period Rehearsal Required
As part of being a Drama Major at Houston Academy and to prepare adequately for our
programs, YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO STAY FOR 10TH PERIOD every day except
Mondays for most of the year. During certain periods of time you may be asked to stay on Mondays, according to the needs of the productions. I will give you plenty of notice as to when Monday rehearsals are needed. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  Bus student exception will be addressed by Mr. Lombard
  • a 2 inch loose leaf binder. Must be sturdy and NOT oversized or soft cover. If possible, get one with pockets built into the inside covers.
  • 2 pencils
  • 2 highlighters of different colors
GRADES AND CLASS CONTENT: All students start each marking period with an A. It is up to you to maintain an A. Participation, assignments, quizzes, tests, attendance and preparation allaffect your grade.